JP Jones

JP Jones wears many hats. Among them are graphic designing, web designing, social media marketing, teaching, book publishing, blogging and writing. The author of "Market Yourself: A Beginner's Guide to Social Media", "31 Days of Marketing" and her newest series, ABCs for Entrepreneurs, JP is the owner of Paige1Media & Paige1Publishing, a graphic design firm and publishing company that work with domestic and international clients on projects ranging from basic logo development to magazine and book design.

She is also the co-founder of Collipsis Web Solutions, LLC. which handles Web Design and Development for clients around the world. Jones has also served as an adjunct instructor at Oral Roberts University, teaching classes for the Communications Department.

Jones has had the honor of winning over 250 awards for her design and promotions work over the years. In 2010 she was named one of the Top 101 Female Bloggers to Watch for 2010 by Women's Entertainment Magazine.

Jones has been designing professionally for over 15 years and immerses herself in the current trends and technologies emerging in the industry. Staying on top of technology is her job. Teaching it to others is her passion. Jones is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.


An Entrepreneurial Journey

JP's entrepreneurial story is unique. At just 30 years-old, she holds the distinction of being in business for herself in a serious way for more than 20 years. JP began her entrepreneurial journey at eight years-old when she and her sister started their first business together. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs it was no surprise when the duo decided that rather than just accompanying their family of crafters to festivals, flea markets and trade shows, they would begin to make their own money during the outings. As a result, with JP using her artistic abilities and her four year-old sister turning her charm on potential customers, the two began setting up a face painting booth and painting the faces of younger children. Parents couldn't resist the sisters enterprise and for the next 6 years the two would continue that business eventually charging more for their work and accompanying their family to these shows 50 out of 52 weekends a year.

In high school and college, JP focused more on developing her artistic skill set with traditional mediums and the business evolved into landscape painting and commissioned works on antiques. In 2006 right before graduating from College her business began to take the shape it would ultimately hold. After majoring in Graphic Design with Print & Video emphasis and racking up on Communications/Marketing courses JP began her first design firm which is still going strong today: Paige1Media (

Beginning the business as a nights/weekends Entrepreneur after college, JP was also working a full-time job in the industry. At this job, she met her Collipsis co-founder, Nicholas Clayton and the two combined their talents to form Collipsis Web Solutions ( in 2007.

Following that venture, in 2009 a third company was formed, this one focused on publishing and author promotion, Paige1Publishing ( Rounding out the company scene was the fourth and final (for now) company, Hootpress Conversion House ( founded in 2010.

Today, these four companies work together to provide a full-service experience for more than 200 clients around the world, enabling them to work with the same team to fulfill all their needs. This environment allows the team to "know" the client in a way not possible with a first contact so that as projects continue services can be fully customized to that client's goals.

As with any venture, over the years JP's experiences—the good, bad and ugly—have been woven together into this set of books for entrepreneurs. Whether you are just beginning or have been around for a while, you'll be encouraged to 'stick-it-out' and ride the waves of small business, one letter at a time!